Vibro-cast and vibro-pressed tiles: which one to choose

The choice of paving stones for the arrangement of the local area is a big problem for many owners of private houses. Very often the choice is between vibro-cast and vibro-pressed paving stones, each of which has its own manufacturing characteristics and distinctive qualities.

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Advantages and disadvantages of vibro-cast tiles

Vibro-cast tiles are made using a special shape, which is located on the vibrating table. A solution is poured into the mold, and then vibrations are applied to it. This technique allows you to eliminate voids from the solution and excess air. After that, the workpiece is dried in a special chamber for about 12 hours.

This tile has a number of features, which include: smooth surface of the product, full color over the entire area, a large selection of colors and shapes of the product. Nevertheless, vibrated tiles are quite fragile. It is not able to withstand heavy loads, therefore, it is only suitable for paving pedestrian and garden paths.

Advantages and disadvantages of vibro-pressed tiles

Vibro-pressed tiles are manufactured with minimal human effort. Concrete mix is ​​placed in special matrices. In this way, the shape of future products is formed. Then the press with vibrations exerts maximum pressure on the mixture, thereby removing the maximum amount of air bubbles from it. After that, the workpieces are also sent for drying.

Vibro-pressed tiles are much stronger and more wear-resistant than vibrocast. It has a minimal percentage of water absorption, which in turn is due to its high frost resistance. The disadvantages of such tiles include a meager selection of colors and shapes of the product.

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